Yes, You Really CAN Learn How to Read Knitting Patterns

And it is easier than you think.

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Welcome to the website that helps YOU learn how to read – and understand – knitting patterns.

Benefit from the experience of the author, who has been teaching this specific subject since 2005 (and knitting for decades).

There is a lot of information in this site for the person who has just learned to knit and has found a knitting pattern that looks just wonderful to make.

But first, you have to be able to interpret what that knitting pattern is telling you.

Many websites give you an overview of how to read patterns. THIS website gives you detail:

  • What – what does that abbreviation or term or concept mean?
  • How – how do I do it?
  • Why – why is this special or important?
  • When – when would I do it this way or that way?

Here is what you can find in this site:

  1. A free e-course and on-going newsletter on how to read a basic pattern
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    Screen shot of comment from satisfied student

    Screen shot of comment from satisfied student

  2. Free information to visitors to this site on basic techniques – just use the search box or categories at the right and find out what the site has to offer you
  3. Somewhat more detailed information to registered users of this site (registration is free)
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The goal of this website is to help you learn how to read knitting patterns, to understand knitting patterns, and ultimately to get to the stage where you don’t need this site!

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