Knitting Pattern: Dickie – 1

What is a Dickie

A dickie is an interesting garment. Originally, the term referred to a false shirt-front. In modern fashion, a dickie might be worn under a dress jacket, if there is no intention to wear the jacket open. Or it might be worn under a sweater. In either case, the dickie would look like a shirt underneath the jacket, but it would really be only the collar and shirt-front and a bit of fabric around the back and shoulders to hold it in place while looking like a real shirt. Or it might be the top portion of a turtleneck sweater, to be worn under a V-neck shirt.

A knitted dickie is also a good option for winter wear, especially if the coat exposes the throat to the cold. A dickie can cover the neck and throat area, without adding a lot of bulk underneath the coat. It is this type of dickie that this article is about.

The Bernat photo of the Knitted Dickie

The Bernat photo of the Knitted Dickie

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